I am sending you this message to keep you up to date with the estate planning service that we offer your clients, and the changes we are seeing with how clients wish to interact with us in the current environment.

I want to reassure you that Estate First is open for business, and we are continuing to assist your clients with their estate planning needs. A number of clients are naturally concerned about the illness and how they perceive it could potentially affect them or their families.

Toowong and Brisbane CBD offices remain open

Our main office in Toowong and our Brisbane CBD office remain open for the time being, and strict health measures are being taken within the office and with staff to ensure staff and clients are as safe as possible.

In the United Kingdom, lawyers who work in the area of execution of Wills are deemed key workers who are not subject to the lock down requirements of other businesses. We do not know what the Australian government will decide in this respect, however we are still prepared for a work from home scenario and have put in place plans, should we be required to move to a work from home environment. In any event we will continue to meet the needs of our clients to the same quality standard and timeliness, including helping those clients who are seriously ill or terminal.

Clients are requesting virtual meetings

We are seeing a growing demand from clients requesting ‘virtual’ estate planning meetings, rather than face to face meetings. We have the secure technology in place along with streamlined work processes to service this need, as we have been providing a virtual service to regional Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian clients for a number of years now.

We use Zoom for these meetings as it is so easy for our clients to use and does not require them to download any software or have a particularly fast connection. We are also able to share diagrams and documents with clients in the virtual meeting. So far it’s working well and clients are receiving the same quality, prompt service that they do in our terrestrial service.

Estate planning education by webinar

We are available to conduct webinars to keep your estate planning education up to date. Just contact me at [email protected] or on 1300 132 567 to discuss the content and timing and we can organise everything from our end.

On behalf of the Estate First team (myself, Kylie, Josh, Lucie, Morgann, Ella and Sam, and our wonderful support team) we extend to you our best wishes for your good health, physically, mentally and emotionally during this time, and for the wellbeing of your business.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.