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We are not an ordinary law firm. Estate First Lawyers was built to service the estate planning needs of clients referred to the firm from financial advisors in both private practice and those working inhouse with super funds, as well as accountants.

What sets us apart:

Law firm focused on estate planning

Expert legal team with deep experience

High client satisfaction rating

Consistent, timely, fixed-fee service

Strong collaborative culture with advisors

The last piece in the financial solution is your client’s estate planning

If the estate planning piece is missing, or not done thoroughly, your client or their family may face serious problems later on that cannot be fixed at that time.

It is commonly known amongst Advisors that the estate planning conversation provides an opportunity for the Advisor to strengthen and deepen the relationship they have with their client. It shows you are willing to go the extra mile, and it shows that you have the client’s best interests at heart when it comes to ancillary matters surrounding your financial advice.

When you refer your clients for their estate planning to us, they are in safe hands.

And if your client has lost a loved one, we are here to help them navigate the legalities and paperwork with the care and attention to detail that your client deserves.

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    An Estate Planning law firm with a proven track record

    As a professional advisor, you’ll want to ensure that the law firm you refer your client to gives the same level of service.


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    A Tailored Solution For You

    Financial Advisors

    You need to cover off on all issues ancillary to your financial advice which are in the best interests of your client while still keeping yourself ‘off risk’. Estate planning is one of these issues and we provide you with Advisor Tools to help you have effective estate planning conversations with your client.

    Estate planning ensures that the wealth that the client has built up over the years with your guidance, goes to your client’s chosen loved ones when they die. It is also essential to have the right legal measures in place if a client loses capacity to ensure they are protected personally and financially.

    At Estate First, we are interested in building a relationship with you that adds value to your client service. We do this by providing you with training and compliance support to ensure you can identify an estate planning need and provide your client with meaningful information without slipping into legal advice.

    And you can rest assured that your client will receive personal, expert attention when you refer them to us, and that you will be included in the process, so that your client relationship is strengthened.


    Your job is to secure your client’s wealth, using the right structures and with the best tax strategies. But what happens to the wealth in those structures when your client dies or loses capacity?

    Clients with structures such as family trusts, companies and SMSFs have greater complexity in their estate planning because the wealth in those structures does not fall under their Will. It is even more complicated if your client loses capacity.

    As a professional you want to ensure that your client receives the same expert advice that you have given them. At Estate First Lawyers you can be assured that your client is in the hands of expert estate planning lawyers who are career dedicated to this area of law. Our consistently high client satisfaction rating and fixed free pricing gives you peace of mind that your client is in safe hands, and we’ll include you in the client process.

    It is common knowledge amongst Advisors that their client relationship is strengthened when you refer them to an essential service like estate planning, and they have a good experience.

    Having strong relationships with our clients and Advisors is a priority for us at Estate First Lawyers and we are keen to value add to your business by providing you with the training and tools to equip you to have a meaningful estate planning conversation with your clients while remaining off risk.

    Super Funds

    You want your members and their families to have financial security and to be legally protected in the event of a member’s death or incapacity. It is in the client’s best interests to informed about the importance of estate planning. Estate planning ensures that your members’ wealth, including super is used for their benefit if they lose capacity. It also ensures that it goes to the loved ones they choose when they die.

    If your members’ estate planning is not done, or not done well, expensive problems can arise when death or incapacity occur. Super funds are strategically placed to communicate the importance of estate planning to members.

    Estate First Lawyers are a preferred referral partner for a number of super funds. We provide fund members with discount pricing and consistent, high quality fixed fee estate planning services. We care about our relationship with our referrers and we take the time to provide Advisor Tools and training so your Advisors can have meaningful estate planning conversations with members while remaining off risk from providing legal advice or inaccurate information.

    We can also assist with your compliance piece in your estate planning material, such as wording in SOAs, Fact Sheets and binding death benefit nominations.

    Increase your member’s awareness of the importance of estate planning by including an estate planning client presentation by us at your next Retirement Seminar or event.

    Dealer Groups / Licensees

    You want to ensure that your Advisors are meeting all their compliance responsibilities under the legislation. The key requirement when it comes to providing ancillary advice in the client’s best interests is that the Advisor remains ‘off risk’. This means that in the estate planning conversation, the Advisor must provide information that is accurate and informative without venturing into legal advice. We care about our relationship with our referrers and we provide the Advisor training and tools to support Advisors in this way.

    Estate First Lawyers are a preferred referral partner for a number of super funds. We provide fund members with discount pricing and reliable, high quality fixed fee estate planning services. Our client satisfaction ratings are consistently high, and we have served fund members for many years.

    We have also assisted a number of funds with their compliance piece in relation to their estate planning material, such as wording in SOAs, Fact Sheets and binding death benefit nominations.

    Our lawyers are seasoned presenters and are available for client presentations, such as Retirement seminars, PD days, webinars and other events. We strive to offer everything that a Dealer Group would require in relation to the estate planning piece, for the funds within their group.

    5 Reasons to choose Estate First Lawyers

    1We are one of the largest estate planning firms in Australia with an expert legal team focussed on delivering estate planning services from simple to the most complex.

    2We have rigorous compliance protocols and best practice standards in place to ensure ‘off risk’ delivery of quick, reliable fixed fee estate planning services that clients consistently rate highly.

    3We offer an Australia wide estate planning service and have the best and latest technology to ensure clients can access estate planning services virtually at the same service level and in a secure technological environment.

    4We work collaboratively with Advisors, Superfunds and Licensees and seek to understand your processes, offerings and particularly the estate planning needs of your clients and members.

    5We are passionate about estate planning, and enjoy sharing our knowledge by offering you practical, compliant Advisor training as well as engaging client presentations.

    What Advisors say about our service

    We value the strong relationships that we build with our referring Advisors and Accountants, ranging from large to small organisations. Your relationship with your client is of paramount importance and so we strive to deliver an exceptional client experience, every time.

    Peter B

    "I have utilised the services of Estate First Lawyers for my clients for many years. I find Ann and her team not only technically brilliant but they are also great people to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending their services in order to establish the right personalised estate plan."

    Senior Private Wealth Manager
    Nerissa R

    "I have certainly had my eyes opened regarding some of the estate planning done by other firms … I came away [from those experiences] more thankful than ever for all that Estate First has done for us and our clients."

    Accountant & Partner
    Neil S

    "When it comes to Estate Planning there is only one place we refer our clients and that is Estate First Lawyers. They are a team of knowledgeable, caring and friendly specialists. We hear nothing but compliments about their service and they have my full confidence. Thank you for taking care of our clients!"

    Financial Advisor & Partner
    Julie D

    "Interestingly, I have known my client for just over eight years, and I never knew this was such a big issue for them, so it also helped me in terms of getting to know them better – so Thank you!!"

    Financial Advisor
    Grant E

    "Thanks for your help in getting our clients estate plans in order. The feedback we get in relation to the services of Estate First are second to none and I commend you guys on the great work that you are doing."

    Accountant & Partner
    Valda G

    "We have never worked so comfortably or closely with another law firm and we do hope that it will be a long partnership. Thank you for looking after our clients so well. We have a great deal of confidence in referring them to you and your team."

    Accountant & Partner
    Guy T

    "It is always a pleasure working with Estate First and comforting knowing that our clients will be well looked after in your hands."

    Accountant & Partner
    Michele R

    "I am more than happy to refer to you all as I know that my clients will always be looked after."

    Financial Advisor
    Dylan B

    "Thanks to you and your team for providing a great service to my clients throughout the year – it is much appreciated."

    Accountant & Partner

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