Who We Are

Estate First® Lawyers was established in 2009 with the vision to provide quality, comprehensive estate planning to protect you if you ever become incapacitated and to ensure, to the extent possible, the smooth and harmonious transfer of wealth from you to your loved ones when the time comes.

We bring care and attention to detail to our service, and will tailor an estate plan that you and your loved ones will be able to rely on, at one of the most challenging points in your life. Our service to you doesn’t stop there. We’ll guide and help you and your family through the estate administration process at the time that you lose a loved one.

It is part of our core values to ‘plan, protect and secure’ your interests, and your legacy. This is when the estate plan you created years earlier will be put to the test – and a well thought through estate plan now comes into its own.

We have quickly grown to become one of the largest estate planning legal teams in Australia, providing an Australia wide service, and with offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Our 5 Core Values

Estate First Lawyers (‘EFL’) have 5 core values that determine how we interact with you as our client, our colleagues and referral partners, and each other:


The EFL Professional Services team are competent, professionally skilled and highly experienced in the area of estate planning and estate administration law. They provide high quality, unbiased advice to their clients.

The EFL Administrative Services team are competent and resourceful in the area of Legal and Management support. They provide reliable and streamlined support services to the organisation.

EFL People are courteous and respectful toward clients, referrers, stakeholders and each other and strive for honest, considerate communications in all circumstances.

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EFL People are empathetic and compassionate toward their clients, recognising the difficulties their clients potentially face in dealing with death and incapacity.

EFL People are considerate of these factors when developing tailored solutions for their clients.

EFL People are mindful of their actions and impact upon each other in daily interactions to ensure that EFL maintains a culture that is caring and supportive internally, as well as externally.

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EFL and its people are diverse and have individual strengths which add value to EFL’s core capabilities and service capacity.

EFL provides a business framework in which its people can develop high quality business outcomes by collaborating with each other, EFL’s clients and referrers.

EFL’s people are recognised and rewarded for sharing knowledge, time and energy in achieving business goals.

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EFL is an established and growing organisation. EFL will continue to expand its expertise and push boundaries.

EFL is committed to Continuous Improvement in its service offerings, people learning and development, business efficiency and effectiveness through feedback, creativity and celebration of success.

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EFL services are balanced, practical and commercially savvy, so that we deliver value for money for our clients.

EFL’s systems and structures are designed to enable its people to work smarter, not harder, so that they can actively balance their work and their relationships while still performing at a high level.

EFL’s culture is inclusive.

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The Estate First Difference

Estate Planning Lawyers, Experts at Securing your Legacy

Because we focus only on estate work, we provide you with a professional estate service that is efficient and cost effective.

We have worked hard to provide you with the best client experience possible, as our client feedback consistently shows.

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99%Clients have peace of mind with their Estate Plan
8600+Estate Plans completed
94%Clients accept the fixed fee quote and proceed
92+Years of combined legal experience in Estate Law
Lesley H


"The opportunity to choose from a range of services gave me transparency and control over the amount spent. It turned out I found preparing my Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directive surprisingly confronting. The need to consider my death, incapacity and the financial security of my family brought a number of very human things sharply into focus for me. I am grateful that I decided to do it before the actual need arose, as the peace of mind it has offered me is palpable. I appreciated having access to the services of a highly professional group of Lawyers who have a focus and vision in just this single part of the legal field. I felt I was in safe hands and I am confident my family will also when the time comes."

Ron & Jillian E


"My Estate planning required a sensitive approach and Estate First Lawyers handled our meetings with professionalism, understanding and a caring attitude towards completing the documentation. All my questions and queries were answered clearly and simply."

John & Meryl H


"Although we were totally ignorant of Estate Planning complexities and already had recent wills in place, thanks to our very competent and pleasant Estate First legal advisor, we are confident our wills, POAs, testimonial trusts etc are legally secure and enduring as specified."

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