Protect the inheritance you give to your children

You are likely to leave your adult children an inheritance that is much greater than the inheritance you received from your own parents. Not only are the sums larger, but the risk of your children losing your hard-earned wealth when it comes into their hands is much greater, due to the increased incidence these days of divorce and bankruptcy.

Stop your inheritance going ‘L-shaped’

It has been estimated that only 30% of people’s wealth will ultimately filter down and be enjoyed by their grandchildren, due to the modern phenomenon which we call the ‘L-shaped inheritance’®. An L-shaped inheritance® is one that does not go down your bloodline, but goes off to other people that you did not intend to benefit, such as your children’s ex-spouse, trustee in bankruptcy, or even the ATO.

Why a Testamentary Trust?

By providing a testamentary trust in your Will for your adult children you are going a long way towards stopping your inheritance going L-shaped. Firstly, a testamentary trust allows your child to access greater tax benefits on the income earned, where they have children of their own (your grandchildren). The tax savings are significant. Secondly, when your child holds the inheritance you give them in a testamentary trust, there is greater asset protection of those assets against bankruptcy and divorce.

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    Safeguarding Your Estate

    There are a number of strategies that we can put in place to greatly reduce the risks of your child’s inheritance being eroded or lost. And if you have a child with cognitive impairment, an addiction or other vulnerability, we can discuss options on how to provide them with a protective legal framework in your Will. Some of the main strategies we will discuss with you is placing testamentary trusts in your Wills for your children (and grandchildren), along with inheritance agreements between partners and advice to reduce the super death benefits tax. A simple Will does not afford these protections.

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