Estate First Lawyers has developed over the years a number of resources and tools to assist you in having meaningful and effective estate planning conversations with your client.


Estate First Lawyers Client Brochure

Provides information on the firm and its services.


Estate Planning Booklet

Details the various estate planning services that your client should consider and why.

Client Referral Form

Client Referral Form

Allows you to provide client details so we can have an obligation free chat with your client.

Complete Online
Estate Planning Health Check

Estate Planning Health Check

This short questionnaire will identify if your client has an estate planning need.

Red Flag Events

A handy list of trigger events that require a review of your client’s estate plan.

Why a Will is Not Enough

A ‘must watch’ video for every client.

In this educational video, we explore the reasons why a Will is not enough and the solutions your clients need for their wealth to pass smoothly to their loved ones.

Presented by Ann Janssen, Accredited Specialist in Succession Law and Divisional Head of Estate First Lawyers.

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Peter B

"I have utilised the services of Estate First Lawyers for my clients for many years. I find Ann and her team not only technically brilliant but they are also great people to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending their services in order to establish the right personalised estate plan."

Senior Private Wealth Manager
Nerissa R

"I have certainly had my eyes opened regarding some of the estate planning done by other firms … I came away [from those experiences] more thankful than ever for all that Estate First has done for us and our clients."

Accountant & Partner
Neil S

"When it comes to Estate Planning there is only one place we refer our clients and that is Estate First Lawyers. They are a team of knowledgeable, caring and friendly specialists. We hear nothing but compliments about their service and they have my full confidence. Thank you for taking care of our clients!"

Financial Advisor & Partner
Doyles 2019
Tax Institute
Women in Super
Queensland Law Society
Cover of Excellence
Queensland Law Society