Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives

Who knows what is around the corner. If illness or accident strikes and you lose capacity, your loved ones do not have the automatic right to deal with your affairs.

By writing an Enduring Power of Attorney, you determine who will look after your affairs if you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself. The Enduring Power of Attorney is an important ‘core' estate planning document, along with your Will.

An Advance Health Directive allows you to specify how you wish to be medically treated in certain situations if you lose capacity. Those situations include treatment in the incurable stage of illness, blood transfusions etc.

If you do not have an Advance Health Directive, your personal attorney under your Enduring Power of Attorney can make those decisions on your behalf. If you want control of those decisions, or you wish to shield your attorneys from having to make those decisions, then you will want an Advance Health Directive.

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The scope of works for Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives services include:

Bullet Drafting and advising on Enduring Powers of Attorney
Bullet Drafting and advising on Advance Health Directives


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